About SILO

Market Schedule:
Shop: Monday 8am - Wednesday 6pm
Pick-Up: SILO Shopfront in Habersham Fridays from 4-7pm

Shop: Friday 8am - Sunday 6pm
Pick-Up: Palmetto Bluff at the new Community Garden on River Street Tuesdays from 12-1pm OR

Pick-Up: Beaufort Memorial Hospital Medical Plaza Building Tuesdays from 4-6pm OR

Pick-Up: Lady's Island at Beaufort Bread Company Wednesdays from 8-9:30am x
Pick-Up: Beaufort Memorial Hospital LifeFit Building Wednesdays from 11am-12:15pm

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What is SILO

SILO is the Sea Islands Local Outlet. Our mission is to provide locally sourced food to Beaufortonians and educate them about where and how the food they eat is produced. Just as a silo in agriculture is used to store large amounts of feed or grain until it is ready to be distributed, Beaufort’s SILO is a place where a large variety of local food will be brought, stored and distributed to local residents. In essence, it is a local grocer with two shopping methods: the online farmers market and the shopfront. SILO operates a physical market out of a retail shopfront in the Habersham Marketplace. These are not gourmet/tourist-oriented products. The goal is to market to local Beaufortonians who enjoy eating locally-sourced foods. All foods are grown or produced organically, or naturally, without chemicals or hormones. Meat, eggs, milk, cheese, breads, desserts are examples of products that are offered. In 2 years of operation, SILO has sold over 800 different locally made and produced products.

How do you contact us?

Email is the best way to reach us - manager@silo-beaufort.com - and we try to respond promptly. Our shop phone number is 843-321-8990 so you are welcome to call that as well. Either the SILO Manager, Erik, or one of our co-owners, Lauren or Patrick, will get back to you ASAP!

What is the SILO online market?

The concept is a hybrid between an online farmers market, a co-op and a CSA. SILO has about 40 different growers and producers, each with unique products sourced as locally as possible, and produced without chemicals, antibiotics or hormones. Each week, the growers/producers log on to the website and update the type and quantity of products they estimate to be able to produce/pick that week. They also adjust their prices if needed. Then the market “opens” online and customers log in to begin shopping. The market remains open for 3 days and then closes. The growers/producers receive their orders that day and then spend the next day and a half picking/preparing/packaging their ordered items to bring to be sorted and distributed on Market Day. Items are organized, and packaged before customers begin arriving for pick-up. Customers pay for their order upon pick-up with credit card, check or cash. Before payment is issued orders may be updated with any changes that may have been made since the order was placed (i.e., sudden freeze wipes out the eggplants before they were harvested). The customer leaves with a bag full of locally-sourced products purchased directly from the growers!
We strive to offer local products at the lowest prices possible. In order to accomplish this, sales are direct from the producer to the consumer, so the producer sets the price, and there is no retail market. There is a $50 annual membership fee that goes to cover overhead costs. Customers can make two orders to test it out, prior to becoming a member. The fee will automatically be added onto the third order.
We currently have two online market times with two pick-up locations. Please see the market schedule at the top of the page.

Please read more FAQs below - just click on the question to display answers.

How do I join?
Simply register for a new account. You will be able to try SILO twice before paying the annual membership fee of $50. This fee helps cover the expenses of SILO to be able to facilitate direct farmer-to-consumer purchases. There will also be membership benefits including lectures, movies, food tastings, farm tours and more. The membership requires renewal every 12 months.

What if I just want to test it out?
By all means, please do! Anyone can purchase from the online market on two occasions before you are charged the annual membership fee. If you like your experience, keep shopping and we’ll just add your annual membership fee to your third check-out and your membership will be good for 12 months.

How do I purchase online?
Once you have signed up for an account, you will receive an email with instructions. You will have the ability to shop in two different markets, depending on your preference and convenience - see schedule at the top left corner of this page for shopping and pick-up hours and locations. Once the online market opens you will receive an email from the market manager with a list of everything that will be available that particular week. You can then log in to your account and do your shopping until the market closes. Each market is open for three days. The products are organized by food categories, and there is a search tool that makes it easy to find specific products. You can also click on the “Our Growers/Producers” page to see a list of the sellers. If there is a particular grower/producer that you prefer, you can view their profile and see their available products listed at the bottom. As you add items to your cart, you will see your updated total in the shopping cart in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Once you’ve completed your shopping, click on the shopping cart and you will see everything you've added. Be sure to click "submit" at the bottom of the page to complete your order. Once successfully submitted, you'll see a confirmation screen and will also receive an email confirmation with your order invoice. You will not pay for your order until Market Day because of possible unforeseen changes to the order (this is rare but a possibility). On Market Day, come to the appropriate location during the designated time to pick up your order. At this time, you will pay for your order. SILO accepts cash, check and all types of credit cards. Please note that you will be charged for your order whether you show up or not. Take your groceries home to enjoy and we’ll see you next week!

Why am I not charged when I complete my order online?
There are sometimes unforeseen changes that need to be made to orders between the time they are ordered and the time they are picked up. These can be caused by unexpected weather damage to a crop, a predicted quantity falling a little short, or (hopefully not) a farmer not showing up to deliver. All of these occurrences are exceptions rather than the rule, but they do occasionally happen. When they do, SILO must make changes to your order so you are not charged for items you are not receiving. Credit Card companies would not tolerate many of these small changes before cancelling their service with us, and it is also very time consuming for the Market Manager to go back and credit accounts. It is much easier to adjust orders at time of pick-up before they are paid for.

When and Where do I pick-up my order?
This depends on which market you are shopping in, and what pick-up loacation you choose. Please see the current Market Schedule in the upper left hand corner of this page for details.

Am I still charged for my order if I do not pick it up?
Yes. Since the growers harvested just for you, and since SILO paid the growers on your behalf when they brought your order to the market, you are still responsible for paying for items, even if you do not pick them up. This amount will be added to your next order. SILO has registered users’ phone numbers and emails on file, so an effort will be made to contact you if you have not picked up your order about 30 minutes prior to pick-up time ending. If an unforseen circumstance comes up and you know you'll not be able to pick up your order, you're welcome to send a friend, or just send us and email and we'll work with you to figure out a convenient time.

Can I purchase items in the SILO Shopfront?
Of course! During scheduled open hours, stop by and do your shopping! We hope it will be a convenient place for you to pick up some things you may need throughout the week and also a place where you can come learn more about where your food comes from. Typically, you will find the items less expensive when purchased through the online market because you are purchasing them directly from the grower, and there may be a slight mark-up on the in-store items since they are being sold closer to retail prices. It also gives you the ability to pick-up some forgotten items when you come to pick-up your online order on Market Day if you're picking up from the SILO Shopfront!

Are the memberships good for 12 full months or only for the calendar year?
Your membership is active for 12 months from the time you join. If you pay your membership fee in April, you will not need to renew your membership until the following April.

What are the methods of payment?
Customers can pay by credit card, check, or cash at the time of pick-up on Market Day.

Do you accept WIC/SNAP/EBT?
We do not offer these payment methods at this time. Please email the market manager if you have additional questions or interest in this.

Do you offer Wholesale Buyer Accounts?
Yes. If you are interested in purchasing locally sourced foods for a restaurant, school or other institution, you need to sign up with a wholesale account. Once submitted, your information will be sent to the Market Manager for review. The Market Manager will get in contact with you to follow up with a few other questions. The Market Manager will approve your wholesale account, which will enable you to see any wholesale prices that the growers/producers may offer. Please note that it is the decision of each grower/producer whether he or she chooses to make products available at wholesale prices. If there is something you are particularly interested in buying in larger quantites for wholesale purpose, we are happy to contact the grower/producer to let him or her know so they can plan accordingly in advance of the season. Only customers logged in with a wholesale account will be able to see the wholesale prices. Please contact the Market Manager for delivery options.

How do I become a Seller?
Click on "Sign Up" at the bottom of the "Growers" box on the home page. You can also go to the 'Our Growers/Producers" page and click on "New Grower/Seller" at the bottom to register a new account.Your registration will be submitted for review to the Market Manager. The Market Manager reserves the right to accept/deny anyone based on SILO’s qualification standards or on the need to keep a proper balance of products. Once approved, a seller can begin adding products to his account within the categories of SILO’s market. It is recommended to load all products that would be sold throughout the year to create an index. While something is not being sold, simply set the quantity to zero and it will not be displayed in the market. While logged in, a seller can easily edit their pictures, names, prices, quantities and more Each seller will be charged a fee equal to 10% of his or her total sales each week. This fee is for the ability to sell your products online in a simple way and for the sorting and packaging of your products for the customers. It also enables the seller to participate in SILO without any expenses until their products are sold. Like a traditional farmers market, the growers set their own prices and list the items available as they wish. Contact the Market Manager for more information.

What do you consider local?
At SILO, we strive to offer the most local options available. For most items, this means within 45 miles of the Shopfront. For others, such as some meat and dairy products, we have to go a little farther. Over 90% of the products are sourced from the Lowcountry. The other 10% may be from places within a 200 mile radius of SILO.

Are all the farms organic?
“Conventional” growers of produce are not allowed to sell through the market, so SILO does not sell any products that have had synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides used in their production. To use the term “organic,” a farm must be registered through the USDA, which can be a very intensive process. We have multiple growers who have this certification. Others do not even though they farm using the same sustainable methods. These farms may be Certified Naturally Grown, which is another certification process that uses very similar standards but is far less cumbersome and expensive. Other farmers may not be certified at all, but are still using Naturally Grown methods. You will notice each grower is required to identify what methods he or she uses in farming. SILO is dedicated to ensuring that all products meet these standards.

Are the processed foods organic?
No, SILO does not have the same restrictions on processed foods. The producer of these products must give a description of their products and can label them as having organic ingredients if that is what they use. All processed foods must be made by the seller in a DHEC approved kitchen and they must have any permits that are required with their products.

If you have any other questions, please send us an email.