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Lasagna, Fresh Pasta Sheets (bag)

Rio Bertolini's Fresh Cut Pasta

Qty. Avl. : 18

Cost: $17.50 per Bag

Market closed

Lettuce, Romaine (head)

GrowFood Carolina

Qty. Avl. : 10

Cost: $2.00 per head

Market closed

Soup, Wild Rice


Qty. Avl. : 10

Cost: $6.00 per 16 oz

Market closed

Collard Greens, Top Bunch

Murdaugh Farms

Qty. Avl. : 12

Cost: $3.00 per Bunch

Market closed

Pastured Chicken - SC Certified Product, Chicken Split Breast (2 per pack)

Ehrhardt Grown

Qty. Avl. : 13

Cost: $7.00 per 2 Breasts

Market closed